The Sirens of Titan

40th Anniversary Revival

Written by Kurt Vonnegut

Adapted by Stuart Gordon

Directed by Ben Rock

Produced by Shaela Cook for Sacred Fools 2017

Associate produced by Bo Powell

Sacred Fools closes its 20th season with a recently rediscovered adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s counterculture masterpiece. In 1977, genre maestro Stuart Gordon adapted the novel for Chicago’s Organic Theater with the approval and input of Vonnegut himself. Sacred Fools is proud to present his stage adaptation for the first time in forty years, newly updated by Gordon and now more timely than ever. Director Ben Rock rings to the stage this visually dazzling and darkly humorous science fiction epic about what happens when the richest man in the world loses everything, sets out on an unbelievable journey through space and time, and discovers nothing less than the meaning of life.


Sirens of Titan 2Sirens of TitanSirens of Titan 3Sirens of titan 4

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