Written By William Shakespeare

Directed by Curtis Krick

Produced at Studio Stage Theater 2017

Produced by Bo Powell

Macbeth is Shakespeare’s hellish, blood-soaked journey through the dark underworld of ambition, supernatural duplicity, and brutal carnage. Our production will use the original text set in a contemporary milieu. We will present the play in the round for an immediate and intimate experience for the audience. Set in the not too distant future, following a devastating social and economic collapse, the former Masters of the Financial Universe are forced from their high rises onto the streets, running for their lives, paying cash to gangs for protection. When gang leader Macbeth asks himself why that money isn’t riding in his pocket the result is murder. But Lady Macbeth senses they’ve been here before. And in this chaotic new world how can they know which is the right move to make? And which will just keep the cycle repeating over and over?





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