Written by Adam Rapp

Directed by Travis Snyder-Eaton

Produced by Bo Powell and The Rough Riders Theater for the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2015

During the hottest summer imaginable, two poverty stricken street thugs and a mute await a mysterious man who has made an offer that can change their lives forever. In Adam Rapp’s play “Faster,” Skram and Kitchin are poor, hungry, and have no family besides Skram’s mute and mentally handicapped brother, Stargyl. During the hottest summer imaginable, the three of them await in an abandoned safe house after kidnapping a little girl. They wait in anticipation for a mysterious man from Oswego to call with a deal – the girl, for enough money to escape their nowhere ass, ho-infested, pastehead, tizzown.

FasterFaster 2Faster 3Faster 4

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